Saturday, October 20, 2007

Look out for bruises, scratched knees and more boo boos.

One of the greatest things about the location of our home is its proximity to a lot of parks, thus we spend a lot of our time there. Lately, David's been insisting on riding his tricycle to the local parks. Julia doesn't have much saying in how she's commuting. She is stuck either in her little plastic car or her stroller and I try to get as fast as possible to the park before she starts getting out. So, with one hand, I push David in his tricycle and with the other, I somehow maneuver Julia's stroller. It's been challenging some days and I couldn't wait until David learned to pedal. Well, last week he surprised me and just let go. He got so excited he could pedal that he wouldn't want to get off his tricycle. Of course, now he won't let either me or Julia touch the handle of his tricycle to give him an occasional push. He's been riding all over the town to the stores and parks. As expected, he rides there, but refuses to ride back and again, I end up pushing a stroller AND a tricycle.
The same day, Julia decided that David was receiving too much attention and she somehow needed to redirect it back to herself. Even though she's always been strong physically (of course, she needs to keep up with her brother and his friends), she still managed to catch me off guard by climbing up on the top of a coffee table. After I got her off the table and left the room, she was back up jumping on the table. This kid is unbelievable. She has more bruises and scratches on her face than David ever had.

I love watching the kids learning something new. It seems as though anything I teach David goes in one of his ear and comes out of the other. He does pick up educational things in his school which means our $$$ are well spent. Julia, on the other hand, takes everything in. She understands both languages, imitates everyone, especially, Ms. Anne in the music class and listens to me... on a rare occasion. She does have the same speech pattern as her brother did at her age. She says a lot of words, but doesn't repeat them. The only consistent phrase she uses is "all done". Life is definitely more interesting with two curious toddlers in the household who think the world revolves around them (maybe not the world, but our house definitely does).

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