Monday, October 8, 2007

Love Is A Battlefield

As Julia perfects her walking, she’s become much more of a playmate than a play thing for David. In fact, she’s become his closest playmate. Their relationship seems to change, depending on the environment, but at home, they’re best buddies.

Julia adores David. She'll follow him, watch his every move, and try to imitate him as best she can, whether it’s making a funny noise or climbing on the couch pillows. They share each others’ sippy cups, even though they have their own readily available. They’ll even have entire verbal dialogue, although usually it’s either screaming back and forth or panting like dogs at each other. They even take a bath together.

Then there’s the physical part of their relationship. David still tugs at Julia’s legs or arms and even wrestles, holding her down with his body weight. Julia often will find these interactions amusing, but her tolerance for these activities often turns sour as she starts feeling discomfort or perhaps even pain. David isn’t quite aware of the consequences of his actions, which is why they still need constant parental supervision when they play together.

David’s still the authority between the two, but Julia’s coming into her own. As she gets bigger and stronger, she’s starting to realize that she doesn’t have to give in to David, and she’s starting to give him a bit of his own medicine as she learns to imitate his actions, grabbing his toothbrush from his hands and not letting him have it back.

Will these two become lifelong friends in addition to their relationship? Astrology paints a bleak picture for overall compatibility between siblings who are a Pisces and Leo. (It's always so convenient when human behavior can be broken down into a chart like this!) Well, I sincerely hope that their relationship will remain close and that their bonds as siblings will become stronger over time. It certainly looks like they’re on the right path.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Ohmigod!! What am I doing wrong?? Can I leave my set of kids at your house for a few years so that you can:

1. Teach them to eat like normal human beings;

2. Potty train them;

3. Teach them that they are siblings and are supposed to love each other, by law.