Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Bunny Visiting Leonia.

Today we headed to Wood Park for the annual Easter egg hunt and to take a photo with the Easter Bunny. Here are some pictures from this morning:

For the first time, both kids smiled for the camera during a character photo op.

David figured out that he could grab more Easter eggs by dropping his basket and filling it with both hands.

Julia had a blast grabbing plastic eggs and filling her basket.

As soon as the festivities ended, the kids found their friends and posed for a few pictures.

While David spent some time running in the park with his friends, Julia hung out in our car with Seth because I under dressed her and she was freezing. (Sorry Julia, but you have to wait another 14 years, at least, before you get to drive!)

In time, the rest of the kids were feeling the cold as well and everyone headed to the library to color some Easter theme pictures and warm up.

It is nice that our town offers these type of kid friendly events because the kids had a really good time, in spite of it being a bit cold and very windy.

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