Monday, September 22, 2008

Apples, Corn, and Mazes

On the third Sunday of September (and the last day of Summer,) the family headed to the Stony Hill Gardens and Stony Hill Farm Markets to go apple picking and show the kids how much fun you can have with corn...

Both kids enjoyed apple picking. Once David got the hang of it, he just couldn't get enough. If he had his way, he probably wouldn't have stopped until the trees were bare.

Julia enjoyed picking apples as well...

... but she preferred to eat rather than work!

After filling our baskets to capacity, we tried to convince the kids to leave. They were just having too much fun playing among the apple trees.

When the kids finally caught up with Nataliya and me, we paid for the apples... 20 lbs of apples... and headed to the farm market.

We started the trip off with a hay ride to the pumpkin patch.

Then we sent David into a fence labyrinth. (That kept him busy for a while!)

After a quick snack, David led us into the large corn-stalk labyrinth... He was having so much fun running through the corridors and turns that we had to yell for David to slow down and wait for his old parents!

Can I go play with Issac?

Although the farm was about an hour away, it was less crowded than the closer farms we've gone to over the years, and the detail taken to creating the various mazes, including the large corn labyrinth which takes about two hours to complete (which will have to wait until our next trip), this is definitely worth the ride.

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