Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Break a Leg" .

The other night as I was quietly eating my dinner I heard Julia saying "Mommy, I want to go pee-pee on a potty". I jumped out of my seat and ran towards her. Well, at least it was my intention. I did manage to get up, but I didn't run too far as my foot got caught in a leg of our dining table. I heard a cracking sound that came out of my toe and I screamed. David ran downstairs from the bathroom and asked me if I was okay. Seth attended to Julia who did nothing on a potty. The pain I felt in my toe indicated that I broke a bone. I placed an ice pack on my right foot and kept it off the floor.
Next morning, I went to the emergency room where a doctor confirmed that my toe was broken, but all she could do is to tape it and write a prescription for vicotin. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, the doctor called a nurse asking her to bring me a special shoe medium size. I whispered to her that it might be too small. The nurse came with women's sizes medium and large shoes. Neither one fit me, so she had to go back and get me a man's shoe. To make me feel better, she insisted that my feet don't look that big. As I was being discharged I was told to stay off my feet, neither cook nor clean. That ain't happening of course.

I would never think that breaking one toe could be so painful and it could affect an entire foot.
For now, the kids won't be going to any parks on the weekdays and taking David to school will take me forever, but everything considered I am lucky it is just a toe.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

This is the kind of dedication to potty-training that deserves an award!

I'm sorry for your pain! Vicotin huh? That sounds promising.