Monday, November 26, 2007

Pandora's Crib

David had been in his crib, quietly paging through his books for the past half hour. Nataliya asked me to take away the books, turn off the lights and wish him good night.

Opening the door, David was happy to see me. That, however, was short-lived as I told him it was time to go to sleep. Doing his best to rebel, he threw his pillow out of his bed, followed by his blanket and stuffed animals. Realizing that he wasn't going to be agreeable to sleep, I simply told him I loved him, said 'good night', turned off the light and closed the door behind me.

Rejoining Nataliya in the living room, we could hear his protests on the monitor. A few minutes later, his protests disappeared. Another minute passed and we heard a rattling of the crib, followed by a thump. Nataliya turned to me and asked whether I left David in or out of the crib. I assured her I left him in the crib, but Nataliya was sure he was out.

Sure enough, Nataliya was correct. Turning the landing on the stairs, David slowly made his way downstairs wearing a smile from ear to ear. I couldn't help but laugh, but let's take a moment to reason this out...
  • Take one independent and stubborn child.
  • Mix in a generous portion of curiosity and an overwhelming desire to climb.
  • Now add the ability to escape his crib and have free reign of the home while his parents sleep.
Yeah, this could be bad... Sure we knew this day was coming, but we hoped it wouldn't happen untiiiil...oh, I don't know... maybe until he turned 18.

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