Friday, November 30, 2007

Fun with Flash Cards

As Nataliya was going through the lettered flash cards, David was happily telling her what the pictures were on each card. Things were going well. For the cards David didn't know, Nataliya would help him out. Then he got to this card:

Pointing to the card, David announced, "bicycle broken!"

While we find this very funny, it's interesting that he came up with that answer! Instead of viewing the picture as an object on its own, he choose to see it as an incomplete version of something else he would recognize.

David has been using the term "broken" to describe something not quite right, like a "broken (runny) nose" or "broken (bruised) finger." And while his use of the word might not be "broken," we're just happy he's communicating with us!

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I think that's amazing! Don't you just love observing the way their minds operate at this age? They're so creative! I wish I could remember all the quirky things that come out of J's mouth when he's communicating. It cracks me up.