Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Glance Into a Wonderful Life.

For the last couple of months our house has been a war zone. We are all stressed out by David's behavior. Is this just the terrible twos? Is he perhaps just a strong-willed kid? Could it be that all boys this age are a handful?

Imagine my surprise when a miracle occurred through all this turmoil. A few days ago, my son didn't misbehave once ... really! David spent the first half of the day at pre-school. As he was having lunch, he started telling me that he rode a tricycle, painted, read books and ate a cupcake at school (although I'm not sure about that last one since he doesn't care much for sweets). Then out of nowhere he started singing "Happy Birthday to you, Mommy." I have no idea where it came from so I was in shock. I usually have to ask him over a dozen questions before he tells me anything about school and suddenly he was volunteering all this information without being prompted. When I told him it was "nap time," he actually ran upstairs to his room. That's when I started suspecting that the teacher had finally lost her patience with him and drugged him.

Following his nap, we went to the library where he sat on a bench for half an hour and looked through the books by himself . When he was done, he put the books back on the shelves. He also played a few computer games and when I told him it was time to go, he obliged. After checking out a Russian book from the library, which David insisted on taking out, he was quietly "reading" it by himself for a long time at home.

Seth "built" them a house, furnished with a portable boom box and a florescent flashlight, that preoccupied the kids for some time without me hearing any arguments.

There was no screaming that day. No temper tantrums and no pushing/pulling Julia. In fact, every one of David's requests were followed by "please." It was a miracle of a day!

I realize that a lot of families have toddlers that may be very easy-going who never act out; perhaps that's why there are so many families with 3+ kids. I had a glimpse of what a life would be with a well-behaved child. It's peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable, yet boring at times -- and I would do anything to have it every day! But knowing my child as well as I do, I won't bet on a day like this happening any time soon.

Now there is a chance, however slight, that I might actually get a taste of having a happy two-year-old. Julia is fifteen months old and is the sunshine of this family. She is friendly, agreeable, happy and incredibly adorable. At this rate, she won't experience the terrible twos.

However, at fifteen months, David was just as agreeable, happy and adorable. We'll just have to wait and see ... and pray for some more miracles.

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