Friday, August 31, 2007

Part I

Since David's school was closed this week, Seth decided to take this time off from work, so we could go away for a couple of days. We've been talking about our vacation options (for months) for this year, with a toddler who is going though terrible two's and a baby who doesn't want to sit still for a minute. For me, if it is not international travel, then it is not worth boarding a plane. Our idea of a vacation is not spending time on the beach, so Mexico was out. Our kids are too little for Disney World and spending thousands of $$$, when they don't even know who Mickey Mouse is, didn't make any sense. So instead, we decided to save some money for the future European vacation and do something local that David and Julia would both enjoy (and simultaneously exhaust Seth and myself.) So, what do our kids enjoy? Amusement rides, ice cream, cookies and Elmo. So, we put our heads together and came up with Sesame Place. We had heard both positives and negatives about the park, but we decided to check it out and judge for ourselves.

This park definitely can't pride itself for the most fun rides for the toddlers, but it has something that not many parks do -- Monsters... TV Monsters... and lots of them.

The kids were shocked, yet mesmerized to see the life-sized monsters, since they looked so much smaller on television; so much, in fact, that it would take a few takes to take a good picture of them as David kept staring at the monsters instead of at the camera. The best part of the visit was meeting up our favorite monsters such as Elmo,

Big Bird,

Abby Cadabby,


Cookie Monster

and Ernie.

The day was filled with plenty of rides,

some play time

and a few performances by our favorite monsters.

The park also has a lot of water rides which we didn't bother going on as we heard they were not the cleanest (can't confirm it as we didn't even visit that part of the park) and because neither child knows how to swim. Unless Julia becomes the biggest fan of Sesame Street program, I can't see us going back there anytime soon. The kids had a great time though. Julia even stopped running for 10 min (unheard of) to watch Monster's Parade at the end of the day and this picture says it all about David's take on the day.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I have to say, those Sesame Street Place pictures should be in their catalogue. The kid look like they are having a BLAST!! I don't know if Jordan would be grinning or crying at the sight of some of his favorites blown up that big..but who knows?

I have to check out this place, and I'm in agreement with you on the water rides.