Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How much driving is too much?

David's been on so many rides this summer that you'd think he wouldn't go on any anymore as long as he lived. But no, while he was busy burying his sister in the sand at the Point Pleasant beach, the sound of a train caught his ears and off he ran. Among dozen or so rides he could go on, David chose to ride the same 5 or 6 over and over again. Of course, there was no surprise that one of them was a train and others were carousel, a swing, a truck and a fire engine. David is strong willed (a.k.a. stubborn), so if he sets his mind on a particular ride, there is no way of convincing him otherwise. So, he'd stay on the same ride four to seven times.

Meanwhile Julia waited patiently at the exit gate for David to get off his ride.

But when her patience ran out, she started going through people's bags and pulling out stuffed animals that they won. One woman couldn't resist our daughter's adorable smile, pulled out a stuffed penguin out of the bag where Julia's hand was just in and gave it to her. (When we were on a cruise and David was 8 months old, he had the same affect on older people, so much that one of them took our home address and sent him a pair of robeez shoes.)

Even back home, David doesn't stay away from the engines. He practices riding his tricycle while his sister accompanies him in her car which she "inherited" from David.

David is getting pretty good at steering although he doesn't seem to get a hang of pedaling yet. Well, he's been spoiled by automated engines, so he doesn't want to do any work by himself, but rather have us push him in his tricycle. I just hope his navigating skills will be better than mine and Seth's are.

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