Friday, November 5, 2010


As I posted in a previous blog, my little man is very much into his looks. David tells a barber that he didn't do a good job of cutting David's hair just after a guy complimented him on how well behaved he is. After his swim lesson he runs away from me into a man's locker room just so he could use a mouthwash and a hand cream. And don't even start me on the topic of his clothes and shoes.
So, I thought it was only appropriate to knit him something he would wear and maybe even appreciate (ok, I didn't really hope for an appreciation from a 5 year old). I must admit, I very rarely knit anything for my kids because it takes so much time to do so and seeing it being tossed in a corner of a closet and never used again kills me. Of course, I don't care someone else doing it to my knits as long as I don't have to witness it.
A few weeks ago I came across this post and immediately decided to knit a vest for David especially with his latest preference of wearing the button down shirts. How did he like it? See for yourself.

The vest still didn't get a chance to be blocked as as it doesn't leave David's back. One morning I found David at his art and craft table trying to make a tag for his vest. It turns out that David doesn't know which way is front because both sides look the same. This kid kills me (usually by raising my blood pressure about dozen times a day) with his cuteness. I think one of the reasons he wears his vest every single day is because he gets so many compliments on wearing a handmade piece that all the attention is starting to get to his head. His sister now insists on a vest too although I'm pretty sure she won't even try it on. In our house it's all about sibling rivalry.

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