Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Little Red Lighthouse

How many lives can a lighthouse have? Built in 1889, the North Hook Beacon at Sandy Hook, NJ became obsolete and was dismantled in 1917. After several years in storage, it was rebuilt in 1921 at Jeffrey's Hook until it too became obsolete in 1947. However, in 1942, a book titled, "The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge" became a children's favorite and resulted in an ourpouring of support prior to its proposed demolition in 1951. Because of this, the Little Red Lighthouse still stands at Jeffrey's Hook as a protected historical landmark of New York City.

After reading this story to the kids, I asked them if they'd like to see the Little Red Lighthouse. They weren't sure I was on the level, but they both were very interested. I can understand their confusion since most of what we read to them in story books wasn't real.

We parked in Fort Lee and took a bus across very heavy bridge traffic. Neither David nor Julia seemed to mind as they love taking a bus ride into the city. (Just wait until it becomes a part of your daily commute!)

Once across, we had a bit of exploring to do since there's no clear path to the river from the George Washington Bridge Bus terminal. After walking for a half hour, we finally found the lighthouse. The kids were a little disappointed that we couldn't go into the lighthouse, but they still had a fun time just the same.

Going back was a bit quicker as there was a faster path by 181st St., but Julia decided that it was even easier to ride on Daddy's shoulders than walk. *sigh*

I'd say this was a successful spur-of-the-moment activity on a overcast Saturday afternoon!