Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Julia turned 4 years old last week.

We spent Julia's birthday doing all of her favorite things from eating pancakes in the morning, going for a long hike in search of some bugs and worms, but eventually settling on catching a spider and finding some coins (the spider was released later), making lanterns out of a balloon and some colorful tissue paper, taking a gymnastics and a swimming lessons to indulging in cupcakes.

I don't think Julia cares much for getting older as her brother does. As long as she has an excuse to dress up and there are pizza and a cake to eat, she'll make some effort to show a bit of excitement.
We are still figuring out who she is taking after: me or Seth. And everyday she proves to us that she is her own person surprising us with her likes and dislikes.
Happy Birthday, sonechko!


Olena said...

I love the tomato-picking picture!!! An extraordinary shot! Of an extraordinary and very much loved girl!:-) Happy Birthday to Julia ones again! Olena

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Happy Birthday Julia!! It's hard to believe you're already 4 years old!

Now, you must tell me how long Julia spent at the table with the pancakes. I love this kid.