Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Mornings.

Saturday Morning.

Seth and the kids left at 6:20 am to purchase some fruits and vegetables. I debated whether to stay in bed and knit or get an early start to a day. I forced myself to get up and whipped up a few batches of pancakes and waffles most of which got frozen for the next week. Then I decided to make some cookies for the kids. Oh, I could accomplish so much when no one is running around pulling me in all different directions in the morning. Drinking a cup of morning coffee in a quiet house is a bliss. I never get to do that since I'm the last one to wake up.

Sunday morning.

David was up at 6 am. I told him to go back to bed. It's 7 am and I am woken up by the soft sound coming from our family room. I peaked in and saw David sitting on the couch and reading out loud to himself. I didn't run to get a camera, I just stood there and enjoyed watching him. I could see his expression, how much effort he was putting into sounding out every word that he wouldn't even notice my presence. I love this so much about him. He could be the goofiest kid on the planet and then there are times when his face gets so serious and intense when he is really interested in what he's doing.
I went to straighten up his room a few minutes later and noticed a few dozen books in his bed. Anytime he has a hard time falling asleep, he brings a lot of books to his bed and looks through them until he falls asleep.

We had a really good weekend and for the first time ever I felt sad it was over.

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