Sunday, March 21, 2010


We felt early signs of spring before it even officially arrived and we took full advantage of it. Julia skipped her naps and instead I was doing arts and crafts with her outside (I paid for it later with her crankiness), we ate almost every single meal on our deck, we air dried our laundry outside and aired out all our comforters. Seth and I did a lot of yard cleaning while the kids played soccer, baseball, rode their bikes, scooters, skateboard and "killed" (according to them) my flowers.

I finally completed knitting the alphabet blanket I blogged about here. I don't know if I would make it again because there was too much counting involved and if (rather when) I miscalculated, there was at least 4 hours of work waisted. And did I miscalculate! Seth kept saying that he thought I took on knitting because it was supposed to be relaxing and all he heard every evening was my heavy sighs. But I do have about dozen other smaller projects in mind especially since I received a knitting book for my birthday.

Also, some time in January I mentioned I was working on a sewing project. I came across these cute valentine envelopes on my friend's blog and decided to make them for my kids and their friends and fill them up with some valentine chachkas. Of course, as if that wasn't challenging enough since I hand sewed them, I decided to make them for everyone in David's class. Sigh. Too long, too repetitive, too boring.

If I'm not here anytime soon, it means I'm busy with another knitting project. Sorry if this family blog is turning into a knitting blog.

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