Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekend Sewing Project.

I had this little project in mind for awhile now partially out of selfishness hoping Julia expresses an interest in playing with her dolls, partially showing we can make something with our hands rather than buying it in a store or, in my case, at the garage sale. Last weekend I had an opportunity motivation to give it a life.
On Sunday morning, after a very few hours of sleep, neither Seth nor I had any energy to take the kids out. The kids actually behaved really well and played by themselves. Maybe that's what alerted me in the first place, I heard no screams and no fighting. I found Julia playing with her "baby". This time it was a piece of folded paper (probably what at one time used to be her coloring page). She kept folding it into another piece of paper and saying "It is your nap time, baby. Here's your blanket so you don't get cold."

I felt so bad that among all the toys she has, she chose to play with a white piece of paper. I thought it was the perfect timing to get started on a project I've been hoping to do with her for awhile now -- sewing some pillows, sheets and a quilt for her stuffed bunny. She got very excited and started looking for a shoe box that would serve as a bed. I gathered all the materials necessary to sew some rectangular pieces of fabric together and stuff them. I wasn't sure how long Julia's attention would last, so I was rushing through and did not even use a measuring tape.

Meanwhile, David was playing with a thread and trying to tie it around his waist.

A few minutes later after "the bed" was completed and a bunny tucked in, David was eying it for his stuffed dragon. The fighting started and I knew it wouldn't be resolved unless I made another bed for David's stuffed animal.

David was very interested in helping me and got right to work. He sewed.

He stuffed a pillow.

Voila! His dragon had a mattress, a pillow and a sheet. I had an hour of peace.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

This is super cute. Good job David - with that needle! I'd be making such a mess of it, and I'm more than three decades older than him.