Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little Mama.

Julia has never had any interest in playing with her dolls. The only ones whom she showed any affection were her stuffed bunnies and even that was short lived ... until recently. The other day, as she was playing in a playground, Julia found two rocks and started calling them her babies and gave them a push on a swing. Since then she's started bringing home just about anything she finds in the garden whether it's a little pine cone, an acorn, a leaf or a stick.

She is "wrapping" her baby pine cone in a leaf which serves as a blanket.

Her shoe serves as a bed for her baby pine cone.

Julia is playing a doctor giving her baby a shot and taking her (his?) blood pressure.

Oh, so much affection!

What is she going to bring home next? Worms? Thankfully she likes to keep her distance with them.

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