Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Day Care Cinema

When David came home from his school a couple of weeks ago, excited that he'd watched Aladdin, it shocked Nataliya and myself. David currently only goes to day care three days a week which comes out to nine hours a week. We don't expect or want him to watch television at day care. We don't let him watch television at home, so why are we paying hundreds of dollars a month for someone else to let him watch TV. Television is the easy way to take care of a toddler. We could do this ourselves and save loads of money.

I went to the school and questioned one of the teachers regarding this. The excuse was that the temperatures had been excessively high (true) and they passed a television around to all the classes as a substitute for the usual outside activity. I raised my concern and requested that television be omitted from their schedule, or at least wait until the afternoon when David wouldn't be able to watch.

A week passed and we heard nothing from David regarding television.

Then today, David starts singing a song that I didn't recognize, but Nataliya did. It was from a children's cartoon called Dora The Explorer. Nataliya asked David where he watched Dora, and he quickly replied 'school.' sigh...

Perhaps it's time to look for another 'school'...

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Again?!?!? Oh man. How frustrating.

And Dora?!? Are you kidding me? If they're going to insist on allowing tv, couldn't it be something remotely educational, like Sesame street even?