Thursday, March 27, 2008

"A Is For a Crocodile".

Lately, David has been into the alphabet and numbers. He asks me to write them on our driveway with a chock almost every day. He looks through the books and spells words randomly. He spells the words just about everywhere : on the microwave, the hospital wall, packaging, you name it. David's been tracing the letters and numbers in the books for weeks now. I love it as much as he does because it allows me a few minutes alone with Julia, clean or cook.
The other day, as I was playing with Julia while David was quietly working at his table, I heard "Mama, look A!". I walked to his table and saw this.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I know, I know, there might be 3 year olds who write novels at this age, but I am very proud of David's accomplishment even if he still thinks that "A" is for a crocodile (alligators, crocodiles, don't they look similar?). Since that day, he's written a letter "A" and other letters multiple times.
It's been an amazing few days as far as David is concerned. I know I am going to jinx it by blogging about this. I was hoping that a miracle happens once he turns 3 and it has. He's been asking questions, talking non-stop and behaving really well.
The other night as two of us were sitting on the couch and chatting, I asked David what was the best part of the day for him. In broken English he told me that he liked riding his tricycle to the park with me and Julia, but he didn't like that a slide was wet. My favorite part of the day was spending a calm and quiet time home with my two kids.

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