Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lionel Trains or Lionel... Hampton!?

One of the "games" that I play with David while in the car, is changing the radio station after David exclaims "no!" I believe that David enjoys having some say in the choice of music that we listen to. Nataliya thinks that I'm just giving him another reason to yell. In either case, the game usually ends when I give up on the radio and press play the pre-loaded kiddie CD.

After exhausting the presets on the radio, I decided to try something different, and pressed the search button instead of going to the CD. Station after station passed with David offering his usual "no" until we hit an unfamiliar station playing, of all things, jazz. With finger hovering by the search button, I stopped. There wasn't any objection from David. In fact, there wasn't any sound. This wasn't how the game played out, so something very weird was going on.

When I turned my head to check on David, I first noticed that David had an expression of awe and he seemed to really be enjoying the music. His eyes were elsewhere and a smile was apparent on his face. Noticing me looking at him, he looked back and his smile widened. "David," I asked, "do you like this music?" David softly replied, "like it!"

At nap time, I put on one of my jazz CDs for David to listen to. He was very quiet as the entire CD played, and he fell asleep without any fuss or argument. After his nap, he had no interest in leaving his room. Instead, he got up, pressed play on his CD player, and then went back to bed.

At bedtime, I put on another jazz CD for him, and again he went to sleep without a single complaint.

David gets in the mood as he listens to smooth jazz.

Hmmm.... maybe I'll introduce him to rap next week! Won't that be the illezt!

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