Sunday, February 10, 2008

A checklist of a perfect Sunday for me.

- Sleeping in late.
- A long shower.
- Having a hot pot of coffee ready before I even get downstairs.
- David and Julia running towards me screaming "mama! mama!"
- Having fun with the kids OUTSIDE of the house.
- Kids taking their naps.
- Running 6 miles.
- David having 5 tantrums an hour and not 20.
- The husband cooking dinner.
- Not overindulging at dinner.
- Not consuming an entire box of chocolate.
- Kids asleep.
- A bite of Seth's ice cream.

Today was one of these Sundays. Today's outside activity included a trip to Hoboken for Cabin Fever Festival (thanks, Sadaf) filled with a puppet show, arts and crafts, face painting, tattoos, bobbles, music and much more.

1 comment:

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

With the exception of that whole "running six miles" thing, your checklist for a perfect day sounds suspiciously like my own.