Friday, April 8, 2011

My Son.

As I drop one of my children off at school and drive away with the other, he tells me in a matter of fact voice that the principle spoke to him. About what? He doesn't remember. When? A long time ago (he has no sense of time, so a long time ago might have been last week). Why? He doesn't know, but he had to write an apology note to his teacher. I might as well guess why. The more I insist on the answers, the more reluctant and frustrated he is becoming. I make a mental note to speak to the teacher when I drop him off, but then I'm met by a substitute. I'll speak to the teacher next week.

As I leave him at school and say a prayer for a substitute, it all suddenly comes together -- the vice principle and the principle's greeting me by my name and the new reward system that just recently was implemented by David's teacher for a handful of boys in his class.

I drive home and think of Seth's words. "His behavior is not going to get any better until he goes out to college". I feel as though a heavy stone resting on my heart and my tears are welling up.

Then I get home. I walk in the kitchen and suddenly am reminded of dozen love and thank you notes written by him to me and Seth.

I recall how excited and appreciative he was the second he saw my knitted mouse for him. My sad feelings get replaced by happiness. I realize that I might not have the most obedient or calm child, but I have been blessed with the kindest, most appreciative, generous and loving son.

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