Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round Four.

David stayed home today with a low grade fever... again. We picked up Julia earlier from school who was complaining of a stomach ache. Yep, now she is sick too. What really made her upset was not that she is running a fever, but that she is going to miss her turn to have me and Seth come in tomorrow and talk about her during her star of the week. Without a beat, David reminded her that just yesterday she wished she were sick too. And then he told her to get on a couch, covered her with two blankets, set up arts and craft area next to the couch and has been reading to her for a half an hour now.

Those moments are extremely rare in our house and that's why when it does happen I run to get a camera. Of course, there are still 7 hours till their bed time and I'm sure in no time Julia will be reminding David that anger leads to a dark side as she usually does dozen times a day ( I told you kind moments are very rare between those two).

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