Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Morning.

- Seth left to work.

- The kids got dressed.

-They drew some pictures using their new markers.

-One of them went to a time out.

-Breakfast. Washing dishes.

-Out to shovel the snow. Being a very eager new homeowner, I'm the first one out among my neighbors to clear my sidewalk and a driveway.

- 45 min later there's no sign of me shoveling. Realizing that after all, my neighbors are not lazy, they are just wiser.

-Building snow castles with the kids using their sand toys.

-Out to the town in their sled while one pulling the other.

-Stopping by a friend's house to say "hell0". No one's home.

-Talking to a friend who's surprised my kids are out of their pajamas and outside at this weather.

-Heading back home while pulling both kids on their sled up the hill.

-Home. Time out for both kids.

-Now we are all drinking hot chocolate. Now is only 10:20 am.

I've said "keep calm" to myself this morning more times than in some weeks. It's going to be one very long winter break.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Sometimes it does seem like the day will never end. Especially in the winter. I can't wait till it's warm enough to hit the parks, the backyard, have barbeques, and GO RUNNING!! I think it will definitely perk us both up.


ps - your roses are beautiful!