Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Crafts, Springtime Thoughts

I woke up this morning to David screaming "It is snowing outside". So, I decided it was only appropriate to do a winter craft with the kids today.

I found a craft idea in Family Fun magazine on making snowflakes. We glued 3 craft sticks together in the middle and "decorated" them by gluing on buttons. Those snowflakes could easily be used as Christmas tree decorations by passing a thread through a hole in a button located at the edge of a snowflake. Maybe next year.

Both Julia and David loved making their snowflakes. Unfortunately, the only buttons I had available were very tiny, so I worried that the kids, especially Julia, would get frustrated using them. Surprisingly, they both did really well. Julia used a bit too much glue, but I expected from past experience. (I remember a few months ago David used a half of glue bottle on one little project.)

After Julia was done, she decided to add a fourth stick. When she reached for the fifth stick, she said "Mom, it looks like a flower. It needs a stem." Hmmm... Very clever. So, we glued a fifth stick to the bottom, so as to look as a stem. She was so proud of herself and showed it to Seth as soon as he came home.

And then there was David's flower. When he saw Julia adding a stem, he decided to do the same. He didn't complete it, however. When he works on a project, he gets so absorbed in the task to the point that I won't hear a sound coming from him. When he's had enough and decides he's done, then you know he's done. He told me he was tired and he then moved on to other things.

I'll be definitely filing this project under Christmas crafts and making a couple of snowflake decorations later this year.

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