Sunday, May 25, 2008

Are You Okay?

Over the course of a child's life, they usually have their share of bumps, bruises, scrapes, scratches, cuts, etc. The medical term, I believe, is "boo-boo." When this happens, the response between a father and mother can differ. A father might take a glimpse to make sure everything is alright, wipe off any wood chips or dirt, and help the toddler back on their feet. The mother will usually take the time to first ask the child, "are you okay?"

David and Julia are very active kids, and Nataliya will ask them this very question several times a day. They're also at the age where they can be very impressionable, and this phrase has now become a part of both David and Julia's vocabulary. When Julia gets hurt and starts crying, David will ask if she's okay, but he asks it with the same caring tone that Nataliya does. Whether it's pure imitation or not is in question as well, since he's been much more the loving siblings than we've ever seen.

As I was driving and made a wrong turn, I let out a frustrating sigh. Behind, I heard Julia's soft voice "yu'kay, daddy?"

In any case, it's just one of those adorable bits that we as parents love to see and thought would be nice to blog about and share.

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