Sunday, April 6, 2008

David's Mind At Work

Every so often, David shows us he's capable of strategic thinking. The goals may not be too high, but he is, at times, relentless in trying to figure out ways to get what he wants.

The other night, I took him out shopping. While waiting on the cashier's line, David spotted a lollipop on the candy rack. Making his move, he grabbed the lollipop and presented it to me and asked if he could have it. The answer was 'no.' He grabbed a different lollipop, trying to see whether it would change my mind, and was disappointed when the answer was still 'no.'

When we returned home, he told Mommy about the incident, adding that he wanted a lollipop. Mommy's answer was the same. "No."

Seeing that his quest for a lollipop was hitting a wall, he seemed to relent. We thought it was over and that he would finally let it go.

A short time later, the incident was forgotten, but now there was a new problem. David started complaining that his ear was hurting. He'd recently had an ear infection, so we thought it might have come back! He then added that he wanted to go to the doctor's office. This sounded a little strange, since the doctor doesn't actually relieve any pain, but rather pokes, prods, probes and pricks him during each visit. Then a devilish smile appeared on David's face as he added that he'd then get a lollipop.

* sigh *

The pediatrician's office gives lollipops to the kids after their visit, so David figured that if he faked an ailment that had resulted in a previous office visit, he would finally get his lollipop -- even if it meant getting an ear inspection.

Nice try, kiddo, but the answer is still 'no.'

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